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Sand Art Creations are   Picture Cards   or   Bottles   that get to be applied or filled with Coloured Sands.

..Please note

  Sand Art Cards are also called Sandart Boards or Sandart Stickers.

Watch Our YouTube Video to see how Sand Art Cards are created!


Sand Art Cards are Arts & Crafts Activities for the young, or young at heart,  and are great for all abilities, there are no mistakes in creating unique Designs and best of all it is…..

Fun Art,  Innovative,  Affordable and can be incorporated into Learning Activities/Projects in Educational Institutions.

Sand Art Games,  enriches the experience of PlaySand in a Safe Environment for kids, by adding Visual Stimulation,  Fine Motor Skills,  Eye & Hand co-ordination and the end result is a masterpiece of their own that gets to be taken home as a Great Keepsake or given as a Present.

Are you organizing a School Fundraiser or a Birthday Party that you require the Children to create something that can be taken home?

Look no further than our Sand Art Cards with Coloured Sand

Sand Art Cards are a specially designed cut card that allows you to create amazing pictures by removing the cover paper, carefully, one section at a time and covering the exposed sticky sections with Coloured Sand.

Note: Brightly Fluro Colored  Sand is not suitable for Sand Art Cards.

  • Colored Sand is provided when Sand Art Cards are purchased.
  • Full instructions & tips will be supplied with every purchased Order.
  • Sand Art for kids, is recommended from 5 years and up.

Colored Sand Colours Available for purchase:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Lavender
  • Natural (off white)
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Lilac
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Dark Blue
  • Multicoloured
  • Brown
  • Grey

The new craze of Colored Sand that can be purchased for:

  • Wedding and or Unity Sand Ceremonies
  • Christening Ceremonies
  • Bomboniere Creations
  • Table decorations such as centerpieces with candles!
  • Coloured Sand for Sand Art bottles (check out our bottles page)
  • Coloured Sand for Arts & Crafts/Classroom Art Projects
  • Schools Arts N Crafts Classroom Activities
  • OSHC Programmes Activities
  • Scouts / Camp Workshops
  • Fundraiser School Activities
  • Festivals Kids Zone Workshops
  • Cooperate Events / Christmas Break-Up Kids Parties
  • Family Events: Kids Birthday Party Games
  • DIY Party Packs for School Holidays!


Visit our Gallery Page for some fun examples of our Sand Art..

Coloured Sand Stockist / Supplier in Melbourne!

  •  Our Colored Sand is suitable for Wedding Unity Sand Ceremonies
  •  Table Decorations
  •  Sand Art Bottles
  •  Sand Art Cards with Coloured Sands.
  •  Arts and Crafts


Fundraising Activities for Schools

at affordable price and  a fair profit for your school 🙂


    Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Our Sand Art Cards will be the center of attention at your next Fundraiser!

  • Children love creating art with coloured sands, whilst keeping them around your Event a little longer!

We are Your One Stop Shop For 

  Coloured Sands  /  Sand Art Cards Sand Art Bottles




Games with Friends,

bored  on holidays & wanting to create something special? 

a pack of  10 Sand Art Cards

is affordable and it is the way to go to keep your little munchkins busy!

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