Fundraising Activities / Workshops - D I Y Starter Special Deal Pack For Your School Fundraising!
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is 120 Sand Art Cards   and   Includes:


  •   120   x    Mixed Sand Art Cards   (Size: 20.5cmH x 15cmW)
  •  120   x   Clear Pockets to place completed Sand Art!
  •      13  x   Containers to place Coloured Sand
  •      13  x    Spoons  /  150 x Picks
  •      12  x   Colours of Sand  .900gms per colour
  •        1  x   Bonus   .900gms of Multicoloured Sand! 
  •        1  x    Instructions
Please scroll down the page to see available Designs for this pack
Postage & Handling WILL  depend on your area.          
Goods Return on this Special Deal will only be accepted if goods received were Damaged!

Our Starter Pack Caters for

  • School Fetes Fundraisers Activities
  • Local Libraries Special Days or School Holidays Workshops
  • OSHC Programmes
  • Pre Schools Activities
  • Scouts Workshops
  • Caravan Parks In-House Activities
  • Resorts In-House Activities
Fundraising Fete/Activities Workshops

At NP’S Sand Art Creations,
Our Sand Art Cards with Coloured Sands are a great way for families spending time with their children to explore creativity through making unique art pieces and take home as a keepsake.

Would you like people to remember your School Fundraiser!
NP’S Sand Art Creations will give children and adults alike a colourful reminder of your Fundraiser for many years to come.
We’d love to run a workshop at your next Fundraiser if you are situated Metropolitan Melbourne or for a maximum (we supply to Schools all around Australia, please contact us) profit you purchase our Sand Art and run the workshop yourselves.

  • All materials to run a workshop are supplied.
  • Plus full Instructions & tips!
  • All you need to do is provide 2-3 trestle tables and 2-3 helpers to run the activity.


Purchase all the Sand Art Cards/materials at an affordable Price and run the Activity/Workshop yourselves and keep all the profits.

We will run the Activity/Workshop and will be happy to pass 35% of all Profits to your organization.

•    This applies only if we do not incur a site fee!

We pay a site fee and keep all the profits ourselves!

Got a special request?


We’re open to the extra-ordinary!

Contact us with your requests!

We are committed to working with you to help make your Fundraiser a success!


Available Sand Art Card Designs

(Sand Art Cards Size: 20.5cm H x 15cm W)